1934 Official Short Wave Radio Manual

1934 Official Short Wave Radio Manualby Hugo

Gernsback, Editor. 260 Pages. Softbound.

With this book you can

and will learn how to build simple, high-performance shortwave

radios. All the secrets to learn are here: the circuit diagrams, parts

layout, coil specifications, construction details, tips and tricks, and

more. This compilation of construction articles from “Short Wave

Craft” magazine is filled with easy-to-understand instructions. You

will find the circuit diagrams, photos and design secrets of the short

wave radios produced in 1934 including the most famous: SW-58,

“Thrill Box”, etc. While these small regenerative receivers are

relatively simple, they will not fail to perform. This book is a must-

read for the experimenter, short wave listener, and anyone

interested in old-time radio. Even if you don’t build a radio you will

get hours of of enjoyable reading out of this book.


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